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7th February 2018

Our Experience680 audio cable has found a new home

Picture credit: Audio Primate

Over on Audio Primate, Micah Rose's thoughtful and thought-provoking blog dedicated to the love of music and the gear it's played through, our Experience680 audio cable has found a new home, paired with the XI Audio Formula S headphone amp, in a review of HiFiMAN Susvara headphones.

Micah Rose writes, "In my tests I tried the Questyle CMA600i by itself and with feeding the XI Audio Formula S with Wire on Wire Experience680 interconnects (no tuners). I found the Wire on Wire Experience680 to give me a bigger soundstage, and a bit more dynamic energy than the Atlas Element Integra I normally have in the system, so I’m switching permanently."

Read the full article at Audio Primate.

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