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Hearing is believing

9th October 2017

Many thanks to all of you who paid us a visit over the weekend to hear our cables demonstrated. Up on the third floor - which was actually the fifth ("Is that some weird English thing," an American asked, "like first being ground?") - where we shared a room with the great guys from 3 Square Audio, we were delighted to welcome so many visitors who came specifically to discover more about us.
It surprised many that you could hear very clearly how changing the geometry of our new Experience880 cable could alter the sound presentation. We, of course, had no doubt you'd hear the differences clearly, because we have found over the years that music lovers have an ear every bit as good as the 'experts' but you just don't talk about it so much.

By just moving a few of the loops along a one metre cable the music could be presented with more upper frequency energy (which some of you preferred) to an overall treble softening but with a greater sense of depth to the soundstage (which others preferred). Most liked the middle presentation that was designed to give a little more presence and firmness to the mid-range. Importantly, you all had your preferences that we could accommodate by tuning a single cable. releasing more than one interconnect from a single cable.

We have now drawn names out of the hat for our prize draw and I'm afraid if you haven't heard from us then you weren't one of the lucky ones, but don't despair - keep an eye on us for offers on our products in the future or sign up to occasional newsletters by emailing us via our Contacts page, putting "Newsletter" in the Enquiry field.

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