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Launch of Wire On Wire's Experience880 tuneable audio cable at the London Indulgence Audio Show

27th July 2017

Launch of Wire On Wire's Experience880 tuneable audio cable at the London Indulgence Audio Show 

Many audiophiles are familiar with Pass Labs amplifiers. Maybe not so well known is that their designer, Nelson Pass, has a second company. First Watt produces innovative, elegant designs on a smaller scale.

The name 'First Watt' came from reviewer Dick Olsher's comment that, “If the first watt of an amplifier doesn’t sound good, why would you want 199 more of them?”  (Robert Harley’s The Complete Guide to High-End Audio, Fourth Edition).

It's an all-too-familiar experience for all of us: sitting down to enjoy a new piece of audio equipment and finding ourselves turning up the volume because something isn't as clear as we would like.

The rule of thumb born out of many years of experience is that, if it doesn't satisfy at low volumes, it is unlikely to do so many decibels later.
But this does beg the question, What is one turning up the volume for?

Leaving personal choice to one side, a poorly tuned system results in the ear working harder, searching in order to make a connection. It can almost be described as listening with a frown. No surprise, then, that the volume ends up being increased.

On the other hand a good system delivers musical content to the ear without the listener making any effort. This experience, once encountered, is never forgotten—a feeling of being suddenly startled by musical images that feel utterly natural and lifelike. It's what we look for when testing our cables.

Our new Experience880 interconnect is a case in point. Using a new bespoke conductor within our unique REDpurl™ geometry, we have taken clarity to a new level whilst maintaining a superb level of musicality.

Hear for yourself at the Indulgence show in September at the Novotel London, West Hammersmith, where we will exhibiting with 3SquareAudio who make beautifully designed speakers and equipment stands.

We will be demonstrating the new Experience880 along with our Experience680 tuneable interconnects and Experience660s speaker cable, with some great show offers.

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