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Wire on Wire's new speaker cable makes a testing start

1st May 2017

3Square Audio, the ground-breaking speaker company, are now using our new Experience660 speaker cable for all testing of their new small speaker, the Liberator. It’s music to our ears; is there a better peer review than exacting designers wanting to use your product?


3Square Audio speakers, Wire on Wire Experience680 audio cable

Stuart and Brian with 3Square Audio's Liberator and Translator speakers

and Chris Bell with Wire on Wire's Experience680 audio cable.

Explaining why he decided to use our speaker cable, Stuart of 3Square Audio said, "It creates more silence and blackness; it’s what it’s removing that I like, so I can focus more on what’s left, listening with greater ease to the music."

Colleague Brian added, "The Experience660's unique REDpurl variable geometry speaker cables take out a level of background noise that I hadn’t realised was there before. You end up living with that noise and of course the brain filters it out," he added, "but when it's gone it leaves more room for the music and detail."

Brian and Stuart also had a chance to spend some time with our Experience680 RCA interconnects. Listening to them in a tuned/non-tuned version in his living room in Derby, Stuart noted, "I preferred the tuned to the non-tuned version of the cable in this room* because I felt the strumming on the guitar was easier to hear, the notes more defined, but for me this is purely the difference between two excellent cables."

Brian, who is very aware of the problems of acoustics when it comes to musical reproduction, noted that the ability to tune the cable and tweak it for a particular space could be very useful.


That's great to hear, guys!


Our new speaker cable, the Experience660 will be launched at the North West Audio Show, Cranage Hall, Cheshire on 24-25 June.


*Spacers in loops 3, 8 and 13.


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