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Tunable HiFi audio interconnects and speaker cables powered by REDpurl™ Adaptive Geometry


Designed and hand-built to order in Britain, our unique tunable REDpurl™ conductor configuration allows a cable’s electrical properties to be optimized to release the full potential of your audio system and bring your music to life.


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"Wire on Wire is a force for good in audio. It allows a degree of fine-tuning of performance between components that was hitherto unavailable, or at least was only available by churning through a wide range of very different cable designs at considerable time and expense." Alan Sircom, Editor, HiFi+, July 2019. Click for full review of Experience880 interconnect.


Advantages of a tunable design


Perhaps you have a cable that provides you with plenty of detail and dynamics and you are very happy with it. On the other hand you might feel the soundstage could be a little bigger with more depth or maybe you would like to push the musical images a little further away from you and separate the images a little more. Perhaps a little more edge to the timing wouldn't go amiss. This is what we mean by tuning so read on and find out how we take the highest performing interconnects to the next level.


'You are able to change the geometry to change the cable’s characteristics to suit you and your system. I have to say that I was somewhat sceptical but Chris Bell’s [demo at NW Audio Show] was a bit of an ear opener with clear differences being apparent with different geometries being used.' Stuart Smith, HifiPig, July 2017.


What is REDpurl™ Adaptive Geometry?



  • Unique hand-built, tunable, REDpurl™ Adaptive Geometry allows you to optimize your cable connection through tuning.
  • Asymmetric, intersecting, non-parallel conductors address challenges of crosstalk, capacitance and harmonic modes.
  • Three different conductor gauges fully reproduce tonal and dynamic colour across the music spectrum.
  • Tuning, using spacers at individual cable loops, allows a cable’s electrical properties to be optimized to suit you and your system.

This geometry allows us to combine the highest performing conductor materials, for audiophile levels of detail, dynamics and musicality.



Find out more about our design REDpurl™ adaptive asymmetric geometry (UK patent pending). 



'Audio interconnects and speaker cables rarely involve innovation, but one might well apply such an epithet to a "tunable" British design called Wire on Wire developed by Chris Bell, a sharp-eared audio enthusiast.' Paul Messenger, Stereophile, April 2019


Design beyond convention


Experience880- "Happily I can report that the Wire on Wire spacers do work and create worthwhile differences between the various versions I tried." Paul Messenger, Editor, (HiFi Critic, Oct | Nov | Dec 2018).


Experience680- To put it mildly, I was stunned at how good the ‘naked’ Wire On Wire cable sounded when put head-to-head against my resident interconnect cable which has a price tag of £2,000.” Dominic Marsh, HifiPig, December 2016.




The Experience660-S "A real tour-de-force in hand-built cable geometry". Dominic Marsh, Hifi Pig, March 2018.



Designed and made in Britain