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Tunable Audio Cables

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Experience880 tunable RCA audio cable interconnect from Wire on Wire
Better connection using a tunable audio cable interconnect

Award winning tunable audio cables, interconnects and speaker cables that release the full potential of your Hi-Fi system.

Our audio cables, with their REDpurl™ Geometry, combine high-end audiophile performance with the ability to tune for optimal electrical matching between Hi-Fi components


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Hi-Fi audio cables hand-built by us, fine-tuned by you.

a tunable audio cable under construction with the conducting wires on the right and the finished braided cable on the left


An audio cable that lets your Hi-Fi system find its mojo

“We found that there tend to be three main areas of performance that are addressed by Wire on Wire; mid-band clarity and top-end air, soundstage size and precision, and bass weight and warmth.

Systems can often come up short in one of these aspects of overall performance, and the Wire on Wire cable allows you to zone in on addressing that shortfall without tampering with the sound elsewhere, or having to work through a store’s worth of expensive ‘almost’ cables in order to let your system find its mojo.”

"That is what Wire on Wire’s Experience880 audio cable does so well; it’s not a tone control, but instead, it takes a good system and fine-tunes it to perfection.”
The Experience880 Interconnect audio cable of the year hifi+ 2019


Wire on Wire's Experience880 interconnect is shown with its RCA terminations alongside its awards of audio cable of the year 2019 from Hi-Fi plus magazine

Find out more about the Experience880


Changing the geometry of an audio cable makes a clear difference

‘You are able to change the geometry to change the audio cable’s characteristics to suit you and your system. I have to say that I was somewhat sceptical but Chris Bell’s [demo at NW Audio Show] was a bit of an ear opener with clear differences being apparent with different geometries being used.’ Stuart Smith, HifiPig, July 2017



All our audio cables are made for the highest levels of reproduction

“…Experience660-S would seem to be in the upper tier of performance even before you take the tuning into account.” Review Paul Messenger HIFi+ 2020


Here we see the Experience660-S speaker cable with its tunable REDpurl geometry marked out by the large conductor wires in red and blue, which when tuned,allows the cable's electrical characteristics to correctly match different Hi-Fi components


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Hi-Fi audio cable innovation

‘Audio interconnects and speaker cables rarely involve innovation, but one might well apply such an epithet to a “tunable” British design called Wire on Wire developed by Chris Bell, a sharp-eared audio enthusiast.’ Paul Messenger, Stereophile, April 2019


How REDpurl™ audio cable geometry creates the best Hi-Fi connection for speakers and interconnects


Close up of Wire on Wire's patented tunable audio cable geometry showing best practice for cable construction such as reducing cross-talk by having conductors cross at angles and not running parallel with each other, which also reduces capacitance. This geometry also creates a structure that allows the cable to be tuned for optimum electrical matching between hifi components


  • Tuning, using spacers at individual loops, allows an audio cable’s electrical properties to be optimized by altering the relationship between conductors
  • Asymmetric, intersecting, non-parallel conductors address challenges of cross-talk, capacitance and harmonic modes
  • Three different conductor gauges fully reproduce tonal and dynamic colour across the music spectrum

Find out more about our REDpurl™ cable design


Tunable Hi-Fi audio cable interconnects


Here a spacer is inserted into one of the repeating loops of the Experience880 RCA audio cable so altering its electrical profile, allowing better matching between hifi components and releasing their full potential

Experience880 audio interconnect cable

“Happily I can report that the Wire on Wire spacers do work and create worthwhile differences between the various versions I tried.” Review Paul Messenger HiFi Critic, 2018


The Experience680 tunable RCA audio cable interconnect. The reviewer said of this cable, I was stunned at how good Wire On Wire's Hi-Fi cable sounded when put head-to-head against my resident interconnect cable which has a price tag of two thousand pounds

Experience680 audio interconnect cable

To put it mildly, I was stunned at how good the ‘naked’ Wire On Wire Hi-Fi cable sounded when put head-to-head against my resident interconnect cable which has a price tag of £2,000.” Review Dominic Marsh HiFiPig 2016


Tunable Hi-Fi speaker cables


The Experience660-S tunable speaker cable provides audiophile performance between hifi components. Paul Mesenger reviewed this cable saying it would seem to be in the upper tier of performance even before you take the tuning into account

Experience660-S Speaker Cable

“…Experience660-S would seem to be in the upper tier of performance even before you take the tuning into account.” Review Paul Messenger HIFi+ 2020

The Experience660-S Speaker Cable — “Great sound already and able to be tuned to suit, so what's not to like?” Review Dominic Marsh Hifi Pig 2018


What to listen for in the best Hi-Fi audio cables.

The Experience880 tunable audio cable with one of the spacers used for tuning the cable in front and one inserted into its tunable geometry indicating how the design can bring about an improved hifi system performance


For further details on what you might expect to hear when auditioning audio cables in general or ours in particular, we have written a series of articles entitled ‘What do the best audio cables sound like?’.


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