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Experience880 tunable RCA audio interconnect from Wire on Wire
Optimizing your HiFi system's performance by altering the cable's geometry using a tuning spacer
Audio cables that tune to get the best out of your system use REDpurl Adaptive Geometry

Tunable audio cables and speaker cables powered by REDpurl™ Adaptive Geometry


Designed and hand-built to order in Britain, our unique tunable REDpurl™ conductor configuration allows an audio cable’s electrical properties to be optimized to release the full potential of your audio system and bring your music to life.


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Experience880 Interconnect audio cable of the year


"Wire on Wire is a force for good in audio. It allows a degree of fine-tuning of performance between components that was hitherto unavailable, or at least was only available by churning through a wide range of very different cable designs at considerable time and expense." Alan Sircom, Editor, HiFi+, July 2019. Experience880 interconnect review.