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North West Audio Show, De Vere Cranage Hall Estate Holmes Chapel, Cheshire, 29th to 30th June

15th May 2019

The North West Audio Show at Cranage Hall in June is nearly upon us
We always look forward to this very friendly show with its well-informed show-goers and nearby pubs set in the gorgeous Cheshire countryside. New to the show this year will be our ultra-tuned Experience880 interconnects which we'll be exhibiting their along with our Experience660-S speaker cable in the Fleming room.
We say 'well-informed' because many of you who have visited the show have hands-on experience of building your own systems and cables. So we will be introducing some ideas on how conductors, in general, present music to the ear in a series of presentations over the weekend.
If you've ever asked why your cables aren't delivering the treble or bass weight you think they should or whether their construction makes much difference, then you should head over to the Fleming Room.
All the cables in the image above look pretty similar and, indeed, their conductors are all silver-plated copper, but they certainly don’t sound the same. Wire on Wire's Chris Bell will be demonstrating how questions thrown up by their performance led to the development of our ground-breaking REDpurl™ Adaptive Geometry.
Understanding how conductors sound in their various configurations creates a logical approach to choosing the right cable for your system, whether you are about to buy some or want to have a go at making them yourself.
Answering such questions led us to some great musical experiences and we're looking forward to sharing that with you at the show. We'll be having two demos on each of the North West Audio Show days.
Times for the presentations will be released later, but put a date in your diary for Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th June, De Vere Cranage Estate in Holmes Chapel, Cheshire.
3 Square Audio's new stand-mount speaker at the North West Audio Show
We will be sharing the Fleming Room at the show with our long-term collaborators from 3 Square Audio,  who will be showing for the first time their new stand-mount speaker, the Ayal (further details below). Here's a report from 3 Square Audio's "ears", Stuart Dunn.
At last year’s North West Audio Show, Paul Messenger, HiFi Critic’s editor, popped into our room to listen to Translator - our floor-standing loudspeakers. He liked what he heard and asked us to send him a pair for review. Up against a pair of his B&W 800 D3 (£20K) and PMC IB2 SE (£15K), he still liked them and awarded them 'Recommended' status in his review for HiFi Critic, mentioning that he was sad to see them go.
This year we have turned our attention to finalising our latest loudspeaker, the Ayal, a small very high-quality stand-mount design. Featuring our trademark 1st order crossovers and Baltic Birch enclosures, we have added to the acoustic alignment of the drivers by stepping the tweeter back.
Development of this design has involved extensive trialling with different tweeter positions, coupled with hours of auditioning until we were satisfied. We think the results are worth it. The design refinements have resulted in a clarity to the music reproduction that allows the listener to hear, not just the musical detail, but right through to the sense of the human performance.
The Ayal is our next speaker to give the listener 'music and emotions enhanced'. Hear it at its UK premiere launch at the North West Audio Show 2019.

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