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Wire on Wire wins Hi-Fi + magazine’s Interconnect Cable of the Year

10th December 2019

We want to share the love. Special Celebratory offer on our Experience880 for a limited period.

Our flagship interconnect, the Experience880, has been awarded Hi-Fi + magazine’s Interconnect Cable of the Year. We’re thrilled. The awards, which appear every December are a major feature of the audio industry year, and we feel very honoured to be a 2019 Award Winner.

“…it takes a good system and fine-tunes it to perfection.”

The Experience880—unique, tunable, hand-built—has our signature asymmetric, intersecting, conductors to combat cross-talk, capacitance and harmonic modes. Combine this with different gauges of conductor and you get a rich and full picture across the musical spectrum.

However, as the original review in Issue 173 of Hi-Fi + pointed out, the parts of a system that can cause discontent are generally mid-band clarity and top-end air, the size of the soundstage, precision, and bass weight and warmth. To combat this, our Experience880 helps you focus on these shortfalls and remedy them with its unique tuning system “without tampering with the sound elsewhere, or having to work through a stores’ worth of expensive ‘almost’ cables in order to let your system find its mojo.”

“Wire on Wire is a force for good in audio. It allows a degree of fine-tuning of performance between components that was hitherto unavailable.”

That’s one pair of cables that might save you months, if not years, of discontent and component-swapping.

Click through to read Alan Sircom's original review. And after that, why not click through to the offers page?  We’re having a Special Celebratory Offer of £520 on a 1-metre pair with copper harmony terminations. That’s a 20% saving on our normal price of £650!

And as a special little bonus, if you contact us direct via email or telephone, there’ll be a little extra thank-you too.

Don’t forget, we offer full technical support, so if you’d like us to, we can advise on how to approach getting the most out of the cable, AND you get to try out the differences that the Experience880 makes to your system with the comfort of our 60-day money-back guarantee.

“The term ‘Experience’ in audio usually amounts to little more than one of those names companies turn to – it’s like ‘Reference’ or ‘Performance’ – but here it means something.”

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