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EU Registered Design No. 002544171

Patent No. GB2547263

Tunable Audio Cables

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Experience Plexus8 RCA hifi audio cable connector with tunable REDpurl™ Adaptive Geometry

1m pair with KLE Copper Harmony silver-plated copper RCA phono plugs: £850

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Wire On Wire has remodeled the cable geometry for its new tuneable Experience Plexus8 range of audio cables, based on research using its patented REDpurl™ Adaptive Asymmetric Geometry.

The cables incorporate an extra pair of silver-plated copper wires to each interconnect with a re-configured flat-braided construction.

The result is a cable consisting of alternating loops with increased separation between conductors. 


What does the improved design deliver?

Customers who have upgraded from the Experience880 have told us that the soundstage is larger and more open and that instruments are better defined and placed. There is greater bass extension and weight and there is a more natural presentation to the music, especially to the vocals. However, the very high performance of the Experience880 range means these changes we have incorporated into the Plexus8 design should be seen as significant refinements rather than a quantum leap.



Plexus8 construction.

The new cables are constructed from eight PTFE-insulated, silver-plated, multi-stranded copper wires per cable, with three different conducting filament gauges, resulting in an asymmetric, intersecting, non-parallel configuration. 

Asymmetry to achieve the highest fidelity is at the heart of Wire on Wire’s approach, reducing capacitance, crosstalk and harmonic modes and allowing the audio cable’s electrical characteristics to be fine-tuned to suit different HiFi components. 


Fine-tune your hifi components.

Our tunable geometry allows you to optimize your hifi's performance and we have provided some listening notes as a guide to this.


Wire on Wire’s cables are made to order and are hand-made in the UK with a 60-day, money back guarantee and free mainland delivery in the UK. 



Designed and made in Britain