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The Experience680 tunable hifi audio interconnect

Powered by REDpurl™ geometry

1m pair with KLE Copper Harmony terminations: £380

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Experience680 tunable HiFi audio cable


  • Unique hand-built, tunable, REDpurl™ Adaptive Geometry.
  • Combining the highest levels of detail and dynamics with musicality.
  • Asymmetric, intersecting, non-parallel conductors address challenges of crosstalk, capacitance and harmonic modes.
  • PTFE-insulated, silver-plated copper conductors. 
  • Three different conductor gauges fully reproduce tonal and dynamic colour across the music spectrum.
  • Tuning, using spacers at individual cable loops, allows better matching of audio components creating the music that connects with you.


Technical overview
- Geometry: REDpurl™
- Conductors: Silver-plated copper
- Conductor formation: Multi-stranded
- Capacitance: 69pF/m (non-tuned)
- Inductance 10KHz: 0.54uH/m
- Conductor diameter: 16-22 AWG
- Insulation: PTFE
- RFI rejection: Modified twisted pair
- Shielding: N/A
- Directionality: Directional
- Termination: KLE Copper Harmony


"I'm a natural cable sceptic, but one of the most impressive dems at NWAS was carried out by @WireOnWire . Differences clear!!" Stuart Smith, HifiPig. 



Read HifiPig full review by Dominic Marsh 



Fine-tuning your system's performance


"If you 'Experience' what a tunable cable can do in a system, there just might be no turning back". Alan Sircom, Editor, HiFi+, July 2019.  

To help you get the best out of your system we have created three different tuning references for our cables, which can all be fine-tuned if you wish.

Straight out of the box- No tuning just take it out and listen

Studio- provides a more analytical focus by tuning specific loops along the cable.

Stage- presents a more immersive feel with larger images by tuning a different set of loops along the cable.

These references can be tuned at home by inserting spacers in the loops indicated or we can Ultra-Tune the cables in our workshop before sending them to you.

When we Ultra-Tune the cables you will see them marked by our logo in red for 'Studio' and gold for 'Stage'. If you want to make changes to your cable's tuning at a later date these can be removed and the cable retuned.



Experience680 interconnect tuning  


Experience880 interconnect Ultra-Tuned for a 'Stage' presentation


The basic differences between the 'Stage' and 'Studio' presentations are presented below: 



When you are tuning your own cables, spacers are inserted at specific loops along the cable as shown below with loop number one counted as the first wires from the plug at the source end of the cable: 






It is possible to fine-tune any of the positions outlined above by moving spacers in and out of the cable's loops. For example with our 1m Experience680/880 cable, removing the spacer at loop 14 reduces a little of the cable's air and space, which some may prefer. 

Alan Sircom Editor of HiFi+ spent some time with our Experince880 interconnect and has some interesting things to say about its tuning capabilities. Read his article here.


*Customer care

You can audition any of our cables at home using our 60 day money back guarantee. We are confident enough in the performance of our cables to be able to offer our customers a 60-day money back guarantee, which means if you are not completely satisfied you can send the cable back for a full refund within 60 days of purchase. See full terms and conditions on returning products. 

Experience680 tuneable audio cable

Designed and made in Britain