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Vibe hifi audio vibration control for use with record deck tone arms and tunable audio cables

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Vibe hifi audio vibration control for use with record deck tone arms and tunable audio cables

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Vibration energy control using the Vibe



Vibration energy in audio components is known to affect the listening experience and our new Vibe vibration control component is designed to absorb some of that energy.
The Vibe spacer is made of highly damping TPS, a material that translates vibration into thermal energy.
Vibration control varies according to  frequency of vibration as can be seen in the graph.


Although originally developed to extend the tuning flexibility of our tunable audio cables we found they could equally be used to fine-tune the performance of a turntable's cartridge.



How to use the Vibe

The Vibe can be used with or without the central insert, which can be removed using a screwdriver. The insert alters the vibration absorbing properties of the Vibe by increasing its rigidity. The Vibe can be placed on any surface on the tone-arm assembly although there will be head-shells that can't accommodate it due to their design.


The Vibe has a slightly sticky quality, which helps it to stay in place but it is not designed to stick firmly to a given surface and can be knocked free. So if you are worried it may fall onto the record and be caught underneath the stylus we suggest not using it on the head-shell or applying some adhesive.

The Vibe can be used on its own or in combination anywhere on the tone arm but remember to re-adjust the required tracking force and anti-skating setting after any addition or removal. Each Vibe weighs 0.8g (with central insert) or 0.6g (without central insert).



Fine-tuning with the Vibe


Used in our range of Experience audio interconnects and speaker cables or with the tone arm of a record deck there are some common features when using the Vibe that have stood out for us when auditioning.

With the central insert in place there is a better sense of solidity to musical images so the space they occupy in the sound stage is more defined. The images  also  appear better separated with increased depth to the sound stage.
Without the central insert the images are more solid with less emphasis on the spatial cues.

Equipment varies so experiment yourself to see what the Vibe can achieve and of course results will vary depending on where the Vibe is placed or how many are used.


Designed and made in Britain