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Experienced audiophiles know what makes them happy

Wire on Wire is a British company that hand builds tuneable audio cables using its unique REDpurl™ adaptive asymmetric geometry design. We like to listen to live music and we even play a little of it ourselves and we like audio systems that can reflect that experience. 

As Nelson Pass observes on his First Watt web site, "There is no such thing as a perfect amplifier. All audiophiles and their associated equipment have specific needs, but in each case, there is such a thing as a best amplifier - the one that makes you happy."

Well that pretty much sums up our attitude because there is no such thing as a perfect interconnect either. Each has a character due to its capacitance (C), inductance (L), resistance (R) and geometry so there will be a 'best' interconnect for you and your system.

We make sure we tick all the boxes regarding audiophile qualities of a cable but we understand that subjective enjoyment of music requires a personal touch and if you agree with us, then you are probably in the right place.

Cable design is limited by the manufacturing process

Conventional cable manufacturers have two problems when it comes to making you happy. The first is they can only make what braiding and weaving machines can construct and that translates as a very small number of wire arrangements or geometries. The second is that once the cable leaves the machine it is fixed so if it’s not right for you and your system you’ll either have to adapt to it or buy another cable.

REDpurl™-a unique design

Our unique REDpurl™ adaptive geometry allows us to take a more flexible approach. Its elegantly simple design allows us to spend a lot of time building and evaluating cable geometries and related concepts with an eye towards producing the highest quality sound.

And the great thing is that our customers can continue that process at home because our cables can be adapted by the listener to their own situation. 

Why geometry matters

We've bought a lot of cables over the years but we have always found ourselves one tweak away from an interconnect we could really enjoy. “We began looking for a structure that could adapt to the individual,” Wire on Wire’s founder, Chris Bell says, “and to achieve that we had to think outside of the box and to focus on cable geometry as well as the conductors”.

Unique design advantages

Any audio cable capable of adaptability must have a stable core around which reversible changes can take place.

To achieve this we brought together our knowledge of braiding techniques with an understanding of the physical properties of carefully chosen conductors, which resulted in our unique REDpurl™ adaptive asymmetric geometry.

Unlike conventional machined braids and weaves it has an open asymmetric structure so conductors are not bound close to each other in repeating geometries that can encourage the generation of unwanted harmonics.

Asymmetry is at the heart of our design

"If wires talk to each other", Chris observed, "I don't want them having the same conversation at regular intervals along the cable so the organic appearance of our interconnects is a reflection of the asymmetry that prevents this."

The design has many benefits including the ability to adjust or tune the R-C-L relations at individual cable loops so helping to break up harmonic modes across the music spectrum that can affect dynamic control in an audio system. The result is that detailed information remains the same but it can be presented with a little more depth, for example, or with greater warmth. It therefore allows a series of high quality interconnects to be unlocked from a single audio cable to suit different tastes and systems.

Wire on Wire's ethos

Today we are in a position to share with you the results of these years of research, having listened to hundreds of different combinations of conductor types and geometries before we were satisfied. This is at the heart of Wire on Wire’s ethos; it has to sound good…or we lock Chris in the shed till it does.

Meticulous hand construction

Every audio cable is meticulously constructed by hand using braiding skills built up over many years. It is a time-consuming process but it is worth it because to this date we haven't found a machine that can improve on this approach.

Customer care

We know from personal experience that it can be very galling when you think you have bought the best from a company only to find it announcing a ‘better’ version shortly after.

To benefit from our ongoing research and to show our appreciation of our customers' support, Wire on Wire offers a 100% trade in value on its Experience cables if you trade up within 2 years of your initial purchase date. After that date you can still trade in your cable but on a sliding scale taking into account its age and condition so please keep your invoice to verify your purchase date.

And of course, you can audition any of our cables at home using our 60 day money back guarantee.


Designed and made in Britain