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Your questions

How is an audio cable tuned?

We suggest you first just listen to the cable straight out of the box so that you can familiarise yourself with its qualities and provide a reference point before any tuning takes place.
An important part of this sound comes from combining carefully chosen wires of different diameters, of which the largest (red in the case of the Experience680) can be seen forming elongated loops along the cable.
To make an adjustment, insert a spacer beneath the large conductor marked as shown in the diagram on the right. 
Listen for any differences in the music presentation and repeat with as many or as few of the loops as you wish. Full instructions are included with each set of cables. 

How does the audio presentation change with tuning?

Our cables are designed to achieve the highest levels of musical communication straight out of the box so take some time to listen to them first before considering tuning them. 

The REDpurl geometry is designed to be adaptive to allow the listener to connect with what they consider to be important in their music.

The diagram on the right shows the general principle of opening up more loops along the cable and the way this alters the presentation of the musical images. Differences will depend on the audio system and the listener but all are capable of delivering the very highest levels of accuracy and musical enjoyment. 

We have identified some specific audio presentation reference points around which our users can further tune the cable if they wish. 

So the first presentation is that of the non-tuned cable straight out of the box without any spacers. Its images are crisp, detailed and set back within the overall sound stage.

The second presentation is created by inserting 2 spacers into the Experience680 at loops, 8 and 13. 

The third presentation is created by opening loops, 3, 8, 13 and 15. 

We have included 14 spacers (7 for each cable) because that should be enough to explore most of the cable's possibilities but also because in our experience keeping things simple works better. However, more can be purchased from us should the need arise. 


Why are the cables asymmetrical?

You will notice small differences between the cables even when new. This asymmetry is at the heart of the REDpurl™ design and without it we couldn’t adjust the cables or keep the capacitance low. This structure we refer to as the Critical Geometry because our listening tests show it produces consistent sound reproduction between cables.

What is your 60 day money back guarantee?

60 Day money back guarantee

As experienced HiFi owners you know it takes some time to become fully acquainted with a new piece of audio equipment. Time, of course, is needed for the conductors to ‘settle’ so they can perform at their best but perhaps more importantly tuning into what a cable can achieve musically takes a little longer. You can’t hurry this process so we think you should enjoy the experience in the comfort of your own home with our 60-day money back guarantee and that means if you are not completely satisfied you can send the cable back for a full refund within that time. See full terms and conditions on returning products.

Our 60 Day money back guarantee is available on standard lengths of cables shown on Wire On Wire’s website and does not cover bespoke items. Other items are covered by a 14 day money back guarantee.

How to return a product
Returning items is straightforward and to ensure this please follow these instructions:
Contact us to obtain a Return Merchandise Authorisation (RMA) number. We're unable to accept goods back that don't have an RMA.
Write down the RMA number on your receipt for the item(s) you are returning, and send a copy of this with the item you are returning.

To avoid damage in the post please ensure you use a sturdy cardboard box (not the printed product box) and send it to:

Wire On Wire Ltd, 2 Mospey Crescent, Epsom, Surrey, KT17 4LZ, UK.

As we cannot be responsible for returned items that have been lost or damaged in the post, we recommend that you return items by Parcel Force Special Delivery. Always obtain proof of posting.
We are unable to cover the cost of return postage except where items are faulty or have been sent in error.
Collection Service:
We can arrange collection on your behalf for a small fee within Mainland UK. Please contact us to arrange.

What kind of warranty do you provide?

Our cables carry a full limited lifetime warranty against defects in manufacture (see terms and conditions for further details).

Can you custom build cables?

All our cables are bespoke items, hand-made from carefully chosen wires, so if you would like to contact us with your ideas we would be only too happy to create something unique for your own audio system.

Do you have an upgrades programme?

We know from personal experience that it can be very galling when you think you have bought the best from a company only to find it announcing a ‘better’ version shortly after.

To benefit from our ongoing research and to show our appreciation of our customers' support, Wire on Wire offers a 100% trade in value on its Experience cables if you trade up within 2 years of your initial purchase date. After that date you can still trade in your cable but on a sliding scale taking into account its age and condition so please keep your invoice to verify your purchase date.

And of course you can audition any of our cables at home using our 60 day money back guarantee.



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