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EU Registered Design No. 002544171

Patent No. GB2547263

Tunable Audio Cables

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History of the development of Wire On Wire's patented REDpurl™ Adaptive Geometry and their tunable audio cable design.


Reels of silver-plated, multi-stranded copper wire insulated with PTFE that Wire on Wire use to hand-make their audio cables and speaker cables with


How do you get high-end audio and speaker cables to make the right connection? Make them tunable to match different hifi systems.


When expensive HiFi audio cables fall short in performance in a particular area you wonder if you couldn’t tweak it to improve it. That was the situation Chris Bell who designed Wire On Wire's Experience range of tunable audio cables faced when he began investing in high-end audio equipment a few years back. “I was always one tweak away from an audio cable that could fine-tune my audio system and give me what I wanted to hear,” he says, “and that was the beginning of the development of our patented REDpurl™ Adaptive Geometry.”

Years spent building amplifiers and upgrading his own audio systems meant Chris was fully aware that small changes to HiFi components could make a big difference to the listening experience. 

Using that knowledge, he spent many years experimenting with different conductor types, configurations and geometries until he moved away from conventional audio cable designs that were fixed at point of manufacture.


Iconic design for ultimate audio performance.

An illustration showing two wires of a cable connecting an amplifier to a loudspeaker showing its electrical characteristics such such as resistance, impedance and capacitance, which influence the performance of a hifi system

His patented REDpurl™ Adaptive Geometry braid was the result, providing a high-end, audio and speaker cable experience from the start. However, audio quality can be lost if the cables don't match the requirements of the hifi components they are connecting. Tunable geometry overcomes this by allowing adjustments at home to a cable's electrical properties allowing better matching between audio components.

Wire on Wire was set up to bring these iconic designs to the audio enthusiast. We now hand-build, using braiding skills built up over many years, tunable analogue RCA and balanced audio interconnects and speaker cables in our workshop near London. We are very proud that our new designs have also been recognised by the audio industry, being awarded in 2019 'Audio Cable Interconnect of the Year', by Hi-Fi Plus magazine. 

Our cables are a ‘no-compromise’ audiophile design, which means you won't find a bewildering array of different cables on our web site. There is no need as each cable is made for the highest levels of audio reproduction, which can then be fine-tuned to perfection by the listener.

We use only the finest materials and components and our rigorous testing and attention to detail ensure that our cables will give you years of musical pleasure. We also offer a bespoke service and we are happy to modify any of our standard products to perfectly suit your needs.

Please look around our website. If you need any further information or have any questions comments or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact contact Chris.


Designed and made in Britain