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Experience660-S Hifi speaker cable with tunable REDpurl™ Adaptive Geometry

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Experience660-S Hifi speaker cable with tunable geometry


The Experience660-S is a meticulously  handcrafted loudspeaker cable using our unique REDpurl™ Adaptive Geometry employing a true flat-braided construction.

Its combination of exceptional levels of audio reproduction and ability to fine-tune makes it a 'live' configurable hifi component for your current and future needs.

The key to its success is the space we have incorporated into its design with the advantages outlined below. Uniquely, it allows you to alter or tune (using spacers at specific loops along the cable) a key component in signal transfer, that of the relationship between conductors, which plays such an important part in releasing the full potential from your hifi system.

Soundstage size and depth, image focus, size, solidity, depth perception and dynamics can be fine-tuned using our tunable geometry as outlined below.

Our audio cables are hand-built to order so please contact us for details of delivery times or to discuss your individual requirements.



"...Experience660-S would seem to be in the upper tier of performance even before you take the tuning into account."

Reviewed by Paul Messenger, HIFi+, January 2020.


" was a real pleasure to evaluate a cable that actually did what it said on the tin it would do. That the increase in image definition and depth was claimed and executed is a real milestone in a reviewer’s experience of cables and makes worrying about "synergy" almost redundant."

Review by Dominic Marsh, Hifi Pig, March 2018.


Stuart Dunn of 3SquareAudio uses the Experience660s cable for product development of their speakers. "It creates more silence and blackness; it’s what it’s removing that I like, so I can focus more on what’s left, listening with greater ease to the music."  


How tuning improves your audio system's performance


Spacers, which are used to tune our cables, are inserted into loops along the speaker cable. The loops are counted from the source (amplifier) end of the cable.

Soundstage size and depth, image focus, size, solidity, depth perception and dynamics can be fine-tuned using our tunable geometry as outlined below. 

For more focus you may like to start with the 'Studio' tuned configuration as outlined below and then adjust this to suit your system. If a bigger more immersive sound stage is your preference then try the 'Stage' configuration.



Further details on how to tune our cables can be viewed here in this article on fine-tuning your system's performance.

For further details on what you might expect to hear when using a tunable cable system we have written a series of article entitled 'What do the best audio cables sound like'.


Technical overview



  • Unique, hand-built, tunable REDpurl™ Adaptive Geometry.
  • Combining the highest levels of detail and dynamics with musicality.
  • PTFE-insulated, silver-plated copper conductors.
  • Asymmetric, intersecting, non-parallel conductors address challenges of crosstalk, capacitance and harmonic modes. 
  • Three different conductor gauges fully reproduce tonal and dynamic colour across the music spectrum.
  • Larger conductors compared to our RCA interconnects.
  • Tuning, using spacers at individual cable loops, allows matching of audio components creating the music that connects with you.

- Geometry: REDpurl™
- Conductors: Silver-plated copper
- Conductor formation: Multi-stranded
- Capacitance: 69pF/m (non-tuned)
- Insulation: PTFE
- RFI rejection: Modified twisted pair
- Shielding: N/A
- Directionality: Directional
- Termination: Banana or Spade


*60 Day money back guarantee: We are confident enough in the performance of our cables to be able to offer our customers a 60-day money back guarantee, which means if you are not completely satisfied you can send the cable back for a full refund within 60 days of purchase. See full terms and conditions on returning products.



Designed and made in Britain