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New Experience Plexus8 range of tuneable audio and speaker cables from Wire on Wire

7th November 2022

Wire on Wire launches its new Experience Plexus8 range of tunable audio and speaker cables.

Wire on Wire has remodeled the cable geometry for its new tuneable Experience Plexus8 range of audio cables, based on research using its patented REDpurl™ Adaptive Asymmetric Geometry. The cables incorporate an extra pair of silver-plated copper wires to each interconnect with a re-configured flat-braided construction. The result is a cable with increased conductor asymmetry consisting of alternating loop configurations with increased separation between conductors. 

The new cables, the Experience Plexus8 RCA, Experience Plexus8-Speaker Cable and the Experience Plexus8 Balanced, are constructed from eight PTFE-insulated, silver-plated, multi-stranded copper wires per cable, with three different conducting filament gauges, resulting in an asymmetric, intersecting, non-parallel configuration. 

Asymmetry to achieve the highest fidelity is at the heart of Wire on Wire’s approach, which is designed to reduce capacitance, crosstalk and harmonic modes and allows the audio cable’s electrical characteristics to be fine-tuned to suit different HiFi components. 

“Asymmetric cable designs just sound better and are more adaptable for different hifi components and individual tastes, than their symmetrical equivalents,” says Wire on Wire’s owner and designer, Chris Bell, “and the new eight-wire construction (hence ‘Plexus8’) extends the range of tuneable cable geometries that we can use to create the highest fidelity audio reproduction.”

Wire on Wire’s cables are made to order and are hand-made in the UK with a 60-day, money back guarantee and free mainland delivery in the UK. 

The new cables were launched at the 2022 UK Audio Show in Daventry as seen below.

Our cables were tuning 3 Square Audio's Ayal speakers at the UK Audio Show at Daventry and Dayens Ampino Custom preamplifier and Ampino Monoblock power amplifiers supplied by Ian at Willow Tree Audio.

Here are some comments from a few of our visitors:

Hifi Pig

Wire on wire and 3 Square Audio were sharing a room to good effect and I talked to the designer Chris Bell for some time about his designs. Uniquely you can tweak his cables by playing around with the spacing of the conductors so changing the sound. Now some critics will say it’s all hogwash but believe me it does work. 3 Square had their Ayals playing that I recently reviewed and liked so much. Ian Ringstead.

Wire on Wire's Tunable Audio Cables and 3 Square Audio's Ayal Loudspeakers
3 Square Audio + Wire on Wire
Ayal Loudspeakers - this was my favourite room, that we ranked 2nd overall. 
Wire on Wire - These widgets [used to tune Wire on Wire's tunable audio cables] made a difference.

Want to instantly start a flame war (are they still called that?) on social media? Mention hi-fi cables. I am confident that Wire on Wire's distinct breed of cables that are said to be tunable through adjusting the spacers will be the subject of many an online conflagration.
However, I cannot deny the sound coming via them and out of the £1,900 3 Square Ayal's acoustically aligned drivers. The front end included a Dayens Ampino Custom preamplifier and a pair of Beresford TC-7240 audio routers feeding Ampino Monoblock power amplifiers.

Wire on Wire had an interesting display, playing some very smooth sounds via an interesting set of open weave yet quite rigid cables. These are specially hand-woven using flat section conductors. The front end comprised a Dayens Ampino Custom preamplifier, with a pair of Beresford TC-7240 audio routers feeding Ampino Monoblock power amplifiers driving 3Square Ayal standmount speakers (£1,900).

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New Experience Plexus8 range of tuneable audio and speaker cables from Wire on Wire

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